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The bait stations aren’t pretty, and they announce to the world that you are having a rat problem, but they do the job … that poisons now available to consumers can be used only by professional …

rodent bait stations are used to protect rat or mouse baits, snap traps, or glue boards from weather, children, pets, and non-target animals. The first thing to do when selecting a bait station is to know which rodent you are trying to control. Rat stations are larger and will fit rats or mice. Mouse stations are smaller and will only fit mice.

A bait station is not a trap. It is a device that protects children, dogs, and cats from accidental poisoning by preventing them from coming into contact with the rodent bait block. A bait station holds the bait securely inside. Rodents do not die in the bait station, so …

Professional Baits. If you are a professional and need help with rodent removal we can be of assistance. We have products to help you deal with pocket gophers, ground squirrels, prairie dogs, rats, mice, moles, voles and more.

Rats are suspicious of the traps at first, so don’t expect any action for at least a couple of days. When you catch a rat, continue to set traps for at least one week. Put bait stations in … for …

The EPA also will require that all rat and mouse … but only by professional pest control applicators. The compounds mentioned above also will be allowed for use in agricultural settings, but …

How To Get Rats To Eat Poison An adorable pet dog was left fighting for her life after eating an entire block of rat poison which her owner placed under … I Found A Rat In My House Is There More “I found rat feces all over everything … “That was my whole house in the storage unit,” she said. She signed

Jun 01, 2017  · The Protecta LP rat bait station is a triangular shaped bait station that fits in corners and along walls where rodents travel. One key per order with a rod inside The Protecta LP rat bait station locks automatically when closed and uses a special 2-prong key to open.

The Best Rodent Bait Stations. A rodent bait station is a small enclosure that only rodents may enter. Stations will hold either toxic rodent bait or a baited trap. This minimizes the chance that children or pets will accidentally find and ingest baits. It also helps contain crumbs and other morsels left behind by rodents. bait stations are …

Tamper-Proof Rodent Bait Station: Product ReviewFind many great new & used options and get the best deals for Professional Rodent Bait Station (6 Pak) Rat Mouse Rodent Control Bait Stations at the best online prices at ebay! free shipping for many products!

TNL TOOLS is a professional pest control tool and bird control tool manufacturer which is located in the beautiful bay city of Xiamen, China. We innovate in the industries of bird spikes, bird coils, …

What Attracts Rats To Yards LYNN, Mass. (AP) — No good deed goes unpunished. That was what one waitt road resident found out when her efforts to feed the area’s wildlife led to a rat infestation in the neighborhood. ward 2 … How To Get Rid Of Rats In House Fast On personal note, every October 1, I mark my

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